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Will you be able to leave an inheritance?

In the world today being able to retire is a huge achievement and just when you start to settle into that new lifestyle you begin to wonder if you have enough money to make it through retirement. Let’s face it while retirement provides a great deal of time to do all those things you never could get to before, it also limits the money you have available. So in the early years of retirement it is tempting to spend money on travel and hobbies that were put off during your work life and of course that leaves you wondering if you will have enough money in the end. But with the help of a good financial planner you can still grow some of your investments while in retirement, rather than take the standard fixed 4 to 7 percent you can get from an annuity. You can make investment changes that can help grow your investments more during retirement and instead of worrying about running out of money you can plan to leave behind an inheritance for your family.