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Tips and Tricks for managing your finances!
Stop Complaining

Complaining about something does not change it! Many complain about losing sleep worrying about money, running up credit cards, eating eggs or noodles for a month to pay a bill they had but did not plan for. Well it is time to stop complaining and do something about it!

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Mirrors don’t lie

We all know what we see when we look in the mirror and a bank statement is a financial mirror simply showing us what we did. What we also know by looking in the mirror is if we want to change what we see then we have to change what we do!

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BudgetingHenry Haeger
Is it time to reset your finances?

When it comes to managing your finances It may be that you got busy and just couldn’t spend the time, maybe you just never got control or you don’t know how to get control of your finances. It doesn’t matter how you got where you are what really matters is what you do about it. It may be time to startover to Stop and Reset!

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The two types of debt

Much of the debt most people have can be traced back to purchases they made, we call this self inflicted debt. Some debt, though self inflicted, is necessary and having a disciplined approach toward acquiring that debt will serve your best interests. However other debt comes to us by no fault of our own, in life accidents happen, medical bills happen, jobs are lost, so in all cases we need to be able to manage and payoff debt.

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The easy way to payoff a credit card!

There are some “secrets’ worth knowing and one is that a the minimum payment on a credit card is calculated to keep you in debt for many, many years an easy solution is to stop charging to that card then take the most recent minimum payment and make that your permanent monthly payment. This will pay that card off in a short time and if you can pay more on the debt it will payoff quicker!

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How do you payoff your debt and stay financially balanced?

Getting into debt is easy and getting out of debt is hard. Life can provide financial challenges and cause us to go into debt but, most debt is self-inflicted. Debt eats away at our finances and keeps us from funding our goals. If you have determined to rid yourself of debt, you have taken the most critical step! Learning to payoff debt is an essential experience .

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Is your budget leaking?

If you are like most people you pull out your credit or debit card day after day paying for all types of things, but then you don’t really have a way to get those into your budget to see if you are over spending, so these expenses act like leaks that leak your income.

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Planning vs Accounting

The most important aspect of budgeting (planning) is to understand that it is how we look into the future and determine how what we want to do and how we can accomplish it. Accounting is the reality check that shows us how well we are following our plan. Planning cannot replace Accounting and Accounting cannot replace planning!

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