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SHF helps you find financial balance in an unbalanced world.

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Simple Home Finances was launched based on decades of research and personal experiences with individuals, families, and corporations that struggle to keep their finances in order and reach their goal. 

Most Americans will tell you they have a fear of retiring because they haven’t planned well enough. 

Unfortunately, basic finance isn’t taught in schools, higher education, or from parents. So how do you learn to manage your money? 

Simple Home Finances wants to help you :

1.    Master your money

2.    Master your debt

3.    Fund your goals

4.    Retire on time without worry

Would you like to be one of the chosen few who plans their financial future with as much care as your next vacation?


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We at SHF know that finding the right tools to manage your money is essential in achieving success in your financial life. Here we offer diversified products that will walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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SImple Home Finances - Mission

To glorify God by equipping his church with comprehensive financial tools that quickly put people in control of their money, requiring a minimum amount of time while meeting their financial goals through all stages of life.




Henry Haeger




Christian Brothers University
BS- Business, 1978



2 Developers created these products from scratch in Excel and Visual Basic. At various junctures we validated our work with industry experts.

Work Life

Business consultant for many industries involved in business improvement through process change and applying new technologies. Henry has seen and done a lot in business world, identifying what works and what does not work.

Applying Business Tools to Home Finances

The business of life requires many of the same tools that a business needs. However people are not getting sufficient tools for managing their finances. Somehow it was decided home finances should be reactive instead of proactive something business owners well know will not work.