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Losing sleep over your finances?


Let me be frank your finances are intertwined with your life, everything you do eventually impacts your finances. So are you spending time to get control of your finances and change bad habits? If you are going to master your finances you must know about your finances, get control of your finances and manage your finances.

Worrying about your finances will not change them, only actively managing your finances and changing your habits can get you the rest you need. So what is the problem? I think a big part of the problem today is that while we have so many options available we also have to deal with great complexity in managing our finances, so we opt for what we believe is the simplest step and that is let some online company summarize our expenses for us.

So why then are you losing sleep? If you are losing sleep it is because you are not actively engaged in managing your finances, you are being passive letting someone summarize your results for you and then reacting to those results. In truth you created all those transactions through the month but did you follow a plan and actively manage how you spent your money?

Let me strongly suggest that you need comprehensive planning tools to take the time and complexity out of managing your finances and most importantly allow you to be proactive in managing your spending according to your plan then those results you see at the end of the month will largely be expected but could also show you where you got off plan.

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