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Manage your Money - Pay off Debt - Achieve your Goals - Plan for Retirement

Tools for

a Rewarding Financial Life. 


Take control of your finances

These products are only for those who are very serious about mastering their finances and those who make the effort will be rewarded by spending only 5 to 10 minutes a week of time on their finances, where they can:








The Simple Home Finances (SHF) difference

Manage your finances:

Following a proven management process


Plan how you should spend your money.


Execute and adjust for real expenses.


Check planned vs actual, and modify.

Following proven principles (feel free to download these pdf's)

Built around the Money lifecyle

Plan for the future

Unlike accounting systems, which focus on the past, SHF toolkits focus on planning for your future. 

navigate life's challenges

Our toolkits help you plan your way through life’s changes and important events. Some examples are:

  • The arrival of a beautiful new baby.

  • The purchase of a new home.

  • A pay raise or pay cut.

  • A job or career change.

  • Expenses associated with paying for college.

  • Consolidating or paying off debt, or refinancing one ore more (home, car, personal, other) loans.

  • Planning for, and enjoying your years of retirement.

Attain Goals

We have goals, but many of us lack a plan to achieve them. Our toolkits provide a way for you to plan and work toward financial goals.

Unable to control your spending?
Continuing to grow your debt ?
Unable to save for your future?

Simple Home Finances helps you get where you want to go:

Puts you in control of your finances!
Helps you to eliminate your debts!
Enables you to achieve your goals!

If You Want Different Results, You Need To Make A Change!
— Henry Haeger
I have been using this software for months and have found it puts me in control of all of my finances, simplifies the process which saves me a lot of time and I don’t worry about money issues anymore!

These products have a 30 day guarantee, we will refund your money if you are not satisfied in the first 30 days.

We will address each support issue, reported to our on line support form, via phone or email, whichever you provide.

We provide updates in order to give our customers fixes, improvements, and new features

System Requirements: These are Microsoft Excel based products and work only on windows platforms, make sure you meet the System Requirements you can review these click the SHF - Requirements link below. 

Note: You do not need to know how to use Microsoft Excel to use these toolkits

Security: These products are scanned for viruses and malware and are digitally signed with an SHA-2 code signing certificate. Despite this you may see warning messages from your browser and/or from windows. Rest assured we have done all that we can to ensure these products are safe for you to download and install.

Master Your Money - Secure Your Financial Future - Sleep Well at Night!