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Stop Complaining

Complaining about something does not change it! Many complain about losing sleep worrying about money, running up credit cards, eating eggs or noodles for a month to pay a bill they had but did not plan for. Well it is time to stop complaining and do something about it!

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Mirrors don’t lie

We all know what we see when we look in the mirror and a bank statement is a financial mirror simply showing us what we did. What we also know by looking in the mirror is if we want to change what we see then we have to change what we do!

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BudgetingHenry Haeger
Is your budget leaking?

If you are like most people you pull out your credit or debit card day after day paying for all types of things, but then you don’t really have a way to get those into your budget to see if you are over spending, so these expenses act like leaks that leak your income.

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Planning vs Accounting

The most important aspect of budgeting (planning) is to understand that it is how we look into the future and determine how what we want to do and how we can accomplish it. Accounting is the reality check that shows us how well we are following our plan. Planning cannot replace Accounting and Accounting cannot replace planning!

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Why do I need to have a budget?

Why do I need to have a Budget? Isn’t it just a sheet with my expenses on it?  First, let’s make clear what a Budget is and what it is not! A Budget is a plan for how you want to spend and save the money you have. Read that again. It’s that simple! Creating your budget allows for a moment of realization, and can show you how to change your ways to keep your finances balanced!

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