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Tips and Tricks for managing your finances!

Budgeting strategies


Walk The Walk

We all have goals but many times we don’t handle our money in a way that works towards accomplishing our goals. Are you putting money toward your goals? Make sure you manage and keep track of your money so you can fund your goals.

Count The Cost

When you plan for large purchases are you counting the cost to see if you can actually pay for it or are you just taking on more debt? These days it is very easy to get financing to pay for things, but in order to avoid debt establish a savings plan for what you want to buy.

Weigh The Alternatives

We generally make the best decision if we weigh the benefits, costs, and external support of each.  Should I save more for retirement or more for college funds? In this situation consider the many sources of grants, scholarships, and low cost loans available to help with college costs, then consider how corporate pensions are going unfunded and social security is in trouble. Making this kind of comparison should influence where we save the most of our money.

Plan For Big Changes

If you are having a baby how do you plan for the additional costs? What if you want to buy a new home, move, or change jobs? How do you figure out how you can afford to do these things? We must have a way to plan for known changes in income and expenses because in life, change is guaranteed.